Wednesday, July 26, 2017


As a quality conscious business enterprise, we have developed an infrastructural setup that aids in our mission. Part of the world class infrastructure is a manufacturing plant and an advanced design unit. The manufacturing unit incorporates technologically superior range of machineries for the production of Annealed Bare copper wire, Annealed tinned copper wire, Annealed bunched bare copper wire, Annealed bunched tinned copper wire, Stranded bare copper wire, Stranded tinned copper wire, Super Enameled copper wire, Annealed bare copper wire ropes, Annealed tinned copper wire ropes, Oxygen free continuous cast rods, Bare copper wire, Casting Dies ( issostatic graphite), Graphite Crucible (Extruded Graphite), continuous copper rods and copper alloy rods casting machine. We also have warehousing facility for the storage of finished products.

For quality testing of finished products, the company has built a well equipped lab with various instruments and devices. We also have storage area for the raw materials wherein the procured materials undergo pre-production test and then send that to the manufacturing unit.